No Further Updates Forthcoming

Until I regain my full eyesight through some sort of myrical I am unable to continue writing.
I have managed this short paragraph with great difficulty.

The Server Computer Has Died.

The website is at a standstill until I get a new machine. A couple or three weeks should see us back up and running. Fortunately the majority of the website content was backed up along with a great deal of private stuff.

However I have managed to get the site up and running albeit at reduced capacity. There may be some lapses of data until I get a new PC.

In the Year 2015

We have survived the Winter so far, and we have certainly had a lack of good sunshiney days. The ISS unit has held up well thus far. I will not tempt fate and say we have a winner until the days get a deal longer and the nights shorter. The program that I have written has held its own for a good while, although the coding looks like kiddy script it does the job.

A new beginning with a new Vantage Pro2.

After a good run from the last entry I decided it was time to update the program I had written to produce the the readings from the console. It is truly amazing how much the producers of GUI modules in the controlled divisions can screw up a program like mine. The core of the program GUI was produced with QT and their widgets etc. How much has changed since writing the program has amazed me. Although I have all the code saved I don't have the libraries saved as they are not written by me. The crunch is that I can no longer maintain the program as it was written because it relied on the QT Gui platform.
So I have now switched to GTK and Perl in the hope that I am not going to be tied down as much, and I hope I will be able to re-write parts without a complete re-compile of it all.
We are now coming into the Seasons of short days with much less sunshine to keep the external sensors running. So we will see how the sensor suite behaves this winter.

We seem to be doing OK this time round. We survived all the wind & rain that was thrown at us. The web server computer has settled down. So for now I will say things are looking rosey.

I'm back up running again. Let's see if it lasts a bit longer this time

Troubles again: This is a static page for the time being. I will be up and running as soon as possible. Sorry but I can't do it sooner.

10/02/2014 Made another mistake in trusting others to do a good job...
Updated my entire operating system to the latest release. Although the packagers did a fine job, the warts that supply the drivers and packages to work with cocked it all up for me. Nothing left to do but downgrade the operating system to what it was before. Search around to find an older version of my programming environment. Undo all the errors that had now crept in. We are back online again.

04/02/2014 17:35
Reset all weather variables on the console. I was unable to total and set the individual variables, so I thought what the hell, and reset the lot.

03/02/2014. I really splashed out after much research. I have kept a lot of the old data although once again this years totals are slightly under the actual totals.
It is my intention to update this page much like a blog. I did say "intention", so if it all goes to pot ...

Well for the time being I have two consoles reading from the same sensor suite. I must say at this point that the vantage vue console is a much better thing to look at and easier to set up than the vantage pro2. Yet the pro2 is a lot more expensive. Also I have noticed the displayed output of temperature(s) do not agree even though the data received on the pro2 console is being retransmitted from the vantage vue console. Which one is right?

IMG The major problem I have come across is that most of the software is for Windows. I have nothing against the Windows OS I just don't like it...
So I have started writing my own software for the Linux OS. In particular the Mageia flavour. I know there are many styles of wheel that have been invented, but at the end of the day they are all round. I like my style of wheel. It is no way ready for publishing so don't ask for the source code.

The website is at the early stages of production and will fill out as and when I write the pages, garner the images and learn how to do what is needed. Oh yes I am learning as I go along.

As well as being interested in weather I am also interested in Space, so check out the links to infographics. I find them quite interesting and I hope you do too. Because the links are to an external site I have no control once you have left my site. I am not an affiliate, nor employed by It's just that they have kindly allowed the links to be downloaded from their site.

Disaster Now Passed
A well documented problem, one I didn't know about before I got a Davis station, has surfaced, the display on the console keeps telling me the battery is low in the external sensor unit. It isn't 'cause I changed it. Done all the things that I have read about on the internet, except, reset all the settings. Done it and it worked.

We have now turned the corner and have a whole new year to go at. All the registers have been reset. So if I don't run into the problem I had last year, the records should be up to date.

It's done it again...

Just out of guarantee and the ISS has stopped transmitting. New battery, so I know that's alright. Well I can't be bothered going through a load of hassle so I'll buy me a new weather station.