Whiskers Has Passed Away

31/03/2018 Whiskers has now left the flock after a life of 8 years.

Cooling Down
It was a great, great blow when I opened the cover in the morning. I honestly shed a tear I found my little mate at the bottom of the cage.
I thought he would go on forever. The day before there was nothing wrong at all, he was flying round, coming to me. He spent quite a time sat on my T shirt on my chest just nibbling my lips. He would do this quite often. I wonder, was he saying goodbye. He did stay there longer than he ever did before.

Rest in Peace Whiskers. Look out for Joey, Edward and Bobby over at rainbow bridge.

The Passing of Bobby


The 2nd of March 2018 saw the passing of Bobby. Totally unexpected as there appeared to be nothing wrong with her the day before. She passed away sometime during the night. She was with me a little over two years and never really trusted me in that time. She was not frightened of me just rather timid when I put my hand in the cage. If she got the chance she would have a little nip.

Rest in Peace Bobby.  Have a wonderful time with Joey and Edward.

A Few Changes

Since the last posting there has been a couple of additions to the flock.

Kiwi and Oscar

These two young guys were needing a new home, so I gave them one. Kiwi is the youngest at just over one year old, and he behaves like it.  Oscar is about a year older, although you wouldn’t think so the way he flits about the cage. They have never been out free flying so I was worried I might need to help them along. Don’t you believe it, Oscar was a great flyer as soon as he got the idea that he could fly. Kiwi was quite gingerly climbing around the outside of the cage until he fell off. He was away then, ‘Hey I can fly’.

We have had a few ups and downs since being introduced to the others, Whiskers, Bobby and Mildred, but have now settled their differences and seem quite happy together. They do cause a bit of anxiety as they are still young and are a bit more lively than the others.

All in all they have brought the whole place to life. A breath of fresh air one might say.

Another change is to the layout of the site itself. Due to circumstances beyond my control the picture galleries are now transitioning to separate pages. You will notice additions to the horizontal menu. Going is the page with all the pictures shown as separate links.
That’s it fr this update.

Another Update

Well here we are well into Autumn and my how the weather has changed. The central heating is on and so is another layer of clothing. The flock have moulted again and have now got their winter outfits on. The cage and everything around it has been re-arranged for the winter months ahead.

The Not So Newbie Mildred

Mildred has now made herself well and truly at home, still untamed but is slowly coming around to me fiddling with the cage. She has claimed a small perch at the top front of the cage to roost on. It is just big enough for one budgie. Now this perch is quite hotly contested at times, between Mildred and Bobby. The thing is Bobby wants what anyone else has, or it seems that way. Mildred has put a stop to Bobby getting on this perch at bedtime. At 20:00 I cover the cage but leave the front open.

Give us a kiss

As soon as the cover goes over Whiskers comes onto the said perch for his kissy kiss. Mildred has watched this action very intently, she even thought Whiskers was trying to claim the perch and made her way rather close. So close that Whiskers vacated it and went to another perch for his kissy kiss. As it is now Mildred seems to have realised that Whiskers is not trying to claim the perch and just sits on another perch and watches. Not long after that Mildred is on her perch ready to go to sleep.

That’s all for this update, there will be more to follow. Hopefully not such a long time before the next one.

I’m Back

After a rather large break from blogging I thought it was time to blow the cobwebs off and start again. There has been many developments since the last post. The main one is that I have lost both Edward and Joey most recently.

It was expected with Edward as she was quite unwell with French Moult when I took her in She was a very loving and affectionate hen. Although she still had the moods and the bite of a hen. She developed a tumour on her rear end which I do believe to be common amongst hens. I do believe that was her demise.

Joey’s death was rather sudden and definitely unexpected. He was around 4 – 5 years old, but the lifespan of his genetic make up is about that age. He was my first budgie of my own and though he was mine he was also favourite amongst the members of our forum. My Favourite Forum

Seemingly when one door closes another one opens.

The new girl Mildred
No sooner had Joey left us when came along another youg lady wanting a home. Her name is Mildred one half of a couple called George & Mildred. How wonderful to meet a female budgie with a female name. She has been moved from pillar to post or so it seems and of course is quite skittish and untamed. A lot of TLC and patience should see to that. She is around 2 years old so is quite mature. She has fit right in with Bobby and Whiskers. She seems to have claimed the top of the pecking order.

I think I have brought you up to date with the budgie front. On closing this post I will mention why I have been missing and that is due to the fact I have acquired a disease of the eyes. It is called Age Related Macula Degeneration (AMD). There is no known cure and although I will not go blind the part of my vision that is needed for reading and writing has taken a hit.